Mein Name ist Irma.
" I want a bouquet of sunflowers and a handwritten letter that includes all the little things you notice about me. I want your fingers tracing my spine and stories of your childhood. I want a sunny day in an open field with just you and me on a blanket. I want your time, I want your secrets, I want your fantasies and I want your fears. I want you to be with me because you want to be and I want you to tell me all the things that drew you to me…and the things that kept you around. I want to know what’s in your head but even more I want to know what keeps the blood pumping through your veins. "
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you’re like my other half.
" He was everything to me and I was nothing to him. "
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Zu schön hier!
" You have to believe in yourself when no one else does that makes you a winner right there. -Venus Williams "
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So familiarize what having to swallow this pill is likeIt happens all the time, they take your heart and steal your lifeAnd it’s as though you feel you’ve died because you’ve been killed insideBut yet you’re still alive which means you will surviveAlthough today you may weep because you’re weak andEverything seems so bleek and hopeless